Supply Integrity

Supply Integrity for Life™

Prescription drugs, medical devices and food sustain life. Consumers should never be given a reason to question the integrity of these products. For instance, a pharmaceutical brand epitomizes the promise of safety and efficacy. Taking medicine heals illnesses, extends life, and enhances the well-being of patients.

When the supply chain of life-sustaining products fails the promise of its brand it affects manufacturers, supply-chain partners, medical professionals, consumers and regulators. Piracy, contamination, quality defects, parallel trade, theft, and shortages are significant threats to the integrity and reputation of a brand. The threats can impact profitability, class of service and market share, and often extend beyond a single supplier or geography.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

The lack of supply chain integrity continues to gain intensity, garner international media attention and receive increased scrutiny by regulatory and enforcement agencies around the world.

Companies seeking to establish and retain a market-leading position must ensure that the customer experience matches the key values and ideals of the brand. This involves taking a comprehensive approach to brand integrity and proactively securing the end-to-end supply chain. At Brandsure, we call this “Supply Integrity.”

Experience and Expertise

Brandsure’s executive leadership has worked with more than 50 leading brands, serving the needs of pharmaceutical, medical device, packaged food, electronics, automotive licensing, and apparel manufacturers, developing innovative, secure, and successful supply integrity solutions.

We have experience deploying solutions from inception to production, protecting millions of units from counterfeiting, gray market diversion, tampering, theft, and fraud. Our supply chain integrity solutions leverage real-world expertise in brand protection, product packaging, distribution, and information management systems.

At the heart of our approach to Supply Integrity is the recognition that susceptibility arises from vulnerability in one or more of the following areas: integrity management and enforcement, pricing/promotion, product design, supply chain networks, distribution channel, serialized information management, or regulatory compliance.

Partnering for Success

Established in 2006, Brandsure develops strategies and provides implementation services to enable safe and secure supply chains. With more than 35 serialization-focused engagements, we are experienced supply chain professionals who are passionate about integrity and committed to supply excellence.

The integrity of products and their supply network are essential to the safety and security of medicines, medical devices, and food. Partner with BrandSure to attain supply excellence and secure the promise of your brand.

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